Heavy truck heavy truck shock absorber bracket support customization


The engine bracket is fixed to the body frame by connecting the engine to the bracket. The function of engine mounts can be roughly divided into three points: "support", "vibration isolation", and "vibration control".
The engine bracket is used to support and position the engine. The engine bracket is usually supported by the transmission housing and flywheel housing to support the engine and frame together. The commonly used support methods include three point support and four point support. The front support of the three point support is supported on the frame through the crankcase, and the rear support is supported on the frame through the gearbox.
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The engine bracket is a component used to secure the engine, commonly referred to as a claw. The structure of the engine bracket is basically the same, with most cars equipped with three engine brackets, and some individual models equipped with four brackets.
There are two types of brackets: torque bracket and engine foot glue. The engine foot glue is mainly used to fix shock absorption, mainly referring to torque bracket. Torque bracket is a type of engine fastener, usually connected to the engine on the front axle of the car body. The difference between him and ordinary engine foot glue is that the foot glue is a rubber pier directly installed at the bottom of the engine, while the torque bracket is installed on the side of the engine in a shape similar to an iron rod. There is also a torque bracket adhesive on the torque bracket, which plays a shock-absorbing role.

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