The 11th Yellow River Delta Green Nursery Stock Expo Opens



On May 11th, the opening ceremony of the 11th Yellow River Delta (Huimin, Binzhou) Green Nursery Stock Expo was held at China North Horticultural Expo Garden in Huimin County, Binzhou City.

With the theme “Conducting Green Development·Beautifying Yellow River”, the expo is composed of 150 booths in the emerging forestry industry zone, flower border plants zone, stylish trees zone, featured products zone, and E-commerce live streaming zone. More than 100,000 visitors visited the expo.

Four events, including the opening ceremony, the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and Forestry Development Conference, the “Green · Originality” Professional Skills Final Competitions, and the Evaluation of the “New Horticultural Species with Most Commercial Potentials” and “Outstanding Exhibitors” of Yellow River Basin, were performed during the expo. More than 200 leaders, industry experts, and representatives from enterprises and construction companies from the forestry systems of the nine provinces and autonomous regions along the Yellow River were invited for the events.

In the “Green · Originality” Professional Skills Final Competitions, the contestants participated in the final competitions of the grafting skill competition, floricultural skill competition, and bonsai production competition. Some experts were organized by the expo executive committee to make scores for the contestants and award prizes for the winners. In addition, the “New Horticultural Species with Most Commercial Potentials” and “Outstanding Exhibitors” of Yellow River Basin were evaluated.

By focusing on the multiple attributes including industrial upgrading, industry exchanges, and quality improvement through cooperation, the expo has achieved new enhancements in the influence, effectiveness, and presentation.

After years of development, Binzhou-based Huimin County has had about 300 nursery stock companies, more than 200 specialized cooperatives, over 20,000 planting households, and more than 50,000 workers. The species planted here are mainly white wax and Chinese locust trees, extending to more than 10 subspecies including Chrysophyllum, Cotinus Coggygria, Cornaceae, and tufts. The market shares of the two species account for more than 80% of those in China, making the sector a fundamental support for the “Hometown of Sun Tzu ∙ Ecological Environment”.


To promote the nationwide reputation and influence of “nursery stocks in Huimin”, the “Yellow River Delta (Huimin, Binzhou) Green Nursery Stock Expo” has been successfully held for 10 times since 2012, attracting more than 2,200 exhibitors from 30 provinces. More than 450,000 visitors visited the expo and the trade volumes exceeded RMB 1.5 billion. The expo has been the largest, best, popular industry fair in North China, effectively promoting the nationwide reputation and influence of “nursery stocks in Huimin” and establishing the leading position of the Yellow River Delta Nursery Stock Market in North China. With powerful potentials, the nursery stock industry has been the “green bank” driving the prosperity of local farmers, making a “green sample” for rural industry revitalization.

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